Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

I wonder what the grace period is on saying 'Happy New Year', but I imagine five days after the fact is allowed. I personally do not put that much stock in the New Year, because it just seemed like a massive let-down after Christmas. On the heels of a holiday with presents, gluttonous feasting, and no school to boot, a mere week after you have another holiday that in comparison seems so... underpowered. Drinking, dancing, funny hats, and fireworks are nice, and it is an official holiday so there is no work (even in China, where January 1st is a sort of bitch-ass New Year while the real New Year occurs whenever the Lunar Calender tells us, sometime in late January or February), I think that the powers that be should try to space out the holidays a little more. J-dawg was not born on the 25th of December, so maybe we should use his real birthday (and apologies to my non-goyim friends who could not care less about his crucified arse, but that is still the big day that the regelates the other holidays to the second-tier, themed Hallmark cards notwithstanding), or maybe we should adopt the Lunar Calender for the New Year (allying us with a whole bunch of the outside world). All in all, I just want less school and work for everyone, so let me know what you think.