Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am heading out this afternoon to interview for a part-time gig teaching history to children. I am incredibly nervous. I also am currently unemployed and see very little avenues for me to get a job in the future, which puts even more pressure on my to NOT EFF UP.

Goddam crippling self-doubt!

On a further note, the Egypt thing is pretty interesting: here is my man Zunguzungu's collection of information, and here is Texas in Africa

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back back y'all

Just got back from what can generously be called a... year-long hiatus. I was in China, and the efforts it took to get on blogspot were just not worth the crap that came out of my fingertips. But in America, all my half-formed ideas can be thrown out with no real effort, and like the proverbial stack of ninja stars rapidly being flicked away with little accuracy, hopefully one of my thoughts can stick. To something. I do not know, similes are not really my thing.

I hope to learn Mandarin (HSK 4), become a more solid bboy, and dunk, by the end of this year. Those are my unofficial New Year's resolutions. I am also going TRY and blog more, but I keep telling myself that and it never works out. Consider it a secondary resolution.

I also just realized that somebody who I gave a shout out to actually responded. Did NOT expect that to happen... I need to figure out the intricacies of blogging. And by intricacies of blogging, I mean when somebody comments on a post.