Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Ish

Courtesy of these guys. Thats the second-best Thai-bboy-martial arts movie I have ever seen. And the joke is courtesy of Monkey Island.

This was an interesting discussion on Coates about art and colonialism. And I think Invisman52 is a twit, but that might just be me.

An interesting piece on the United States of Africa, though I have to do a full-write up on its implications. Long story short, I am not a fan. But I always enjoy reading Ngwane's stuff.

And I watched almost every episode of the Justice League and Batman Beyond thanks to Coate's thing on Bruce Timm. Christ, Justice League is AMAZING, Batman Beyond was not as good as I thought, though the latter handles race better than the former. A future post if there ever was one.

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