Thursday, July 23, 2009

Link Wednesday!


Skip Gates!

Oh, and this is a great piece as well.

Obama in Ghana! I had planned to write something on this, but I kept getting eaten by dogs... wait, that's homework. What I meant to say is, I was too lazy. But here are some good reads on it. And in honor of my former professor, here is something a little more radical on it.

I attended this. I am not sure how to describe it, but the most accurate description would be 'recockulous'.

Which may also be used to describe Bruno.

I am going to write a Zunguzungu movie review in the near future. God help us all.

Oh, and these were straight bullcrap. More on this later.

I just let my dad know I have a blog. I better make it good or else he will really show me pepper.

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  1. A zunguzungu movie review: overly long self-indulgent screeds that strip all the joy out of comedies.

    Highly recommend it, welcome to the club!