Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Circles 10!!!

Ok, considering the amount of traffic on this blog is negligible, posting an advertisement for a breakdance/hip-hop competition in southwest VA is probably not going to do anything. Having said that, you simply HAVE to know about this:

April 4, 2009
Located in Godwin Gym at JMU

For the 10th year in a row, James Madison University's Breakdance Club will be hosting Circles. Circles has become one of the largest hip-hop charity events on the East Coast. With live DJs, a graffiti expo, MC battles, Bonnie and Clyde battles, and the most anticipated 4 vs. 4 crew battles, Circles strives to represent four of hip-hop cultures major elements.

Brought to you by Scion.

4 vs. 4 Crew Battles
Bonnie & Clyde Battles
Emcee Battles
Graff Expo

Every year ALL proceeds from Circles are donated to charities such as:
Multiple Sclerosis Society
Mercy House
Kids for World Health
and more

Doors will be open to spectators at 3:00 PM
Battles beginning around 4:00 PM
Circles 10 Emcee: A-Class
On the Decks: DP One -- Turntable Anihilists
Special Guest Judges: Puzzles-- Supernaturalz Crew
Abstrak -- Skillmethodz Crew

General Admission: $10.00
Student Admission: $7.00 (Bring any current College, Highschool, ... Student I.D.)
Circles 10 T-Shirt: $13.00
An additional fee of $5 will be charged for entry with a Video Camera.

To Register for Emcee, Crew or Bonnie & Clyde Battles please send an e-mail
to JMU.Circles@gmail.com with the following information:
Crew Name, Area Repping and BBoy/BGirl Names.
MC Name, Real Name, Crew Name and Area Repping.

To sign in for the graff expo, please email Bryan at bryan.ausink@gmail.com. Spaces are limited.

Final Registration Forms must be completed at Circles front desk.
Registered crews will have prefilled form available for them to sign before entering.
Crews who have not completed their Registration Form before 5:00 PM will not be allowed to battle.

Keep checking for updates on our website: orgs.jmu.edu/breakdance

Be sure to youtube Circles 4-9 to look at some of the best 4 on 4 action on the East Coast (why does that not sound kosher?). On top of that, check out some of the footage from our judges:

(Cat in the white on the right, not his best battle but his flow is sick and his crew beats out Hong10, The End, and Physicx)

(Ab on the left)

Show up dammit!

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